Bodyawn at Cheesman Park, Denver




The intention of the Bodyawn Yoga Workshop is to empower you to access your inner guru and cultivate a daily practice.

For two and a half hours, Rafi will lead you on a journey to your center, drawing from a wide palette of spiritual sources to weave a thread connecting you to the Guru within you.

Special emphasis will be given to pranayama [breathing] and to identifying and healing obstacles to growing your own daily yoga practice.

We will integrate breathing techniques, asanas [postures], affirmations, mantras, call and response chants, and meditative silences, using many of the principles included in the Four World Meditation.

In the latter part of the session, you will be guided into developing personalized affirmations and a yoga routine that is tailored to your specific needs.

The Bodyawn workshop is an experience designed to take participants into "Deep Yoga-" a relaxing tour of the underlying principles of a well-rounded practice. Whatever your level of experience, the session will provide a vessel in which to deepen your awareness and affirm your progress. Many of the topics we cover will be familiar, with a happy acceptance that review is a good thing, and that the most powerful techniques are the simplest.

Moving beyond the "exercise" aspect of yoga, we will explore its spiritual potential. Our focus will be on the inward aspects of yoga, and how to practice from your inner center. Far from trying to force bodies into precise imitations of magazine covers, your attention will base itself in your body, working from the place you are ready to work from. We will explore ways to commune with your "Inner Guru," your own body's guidance, empowering you to take charge of your own learning and develop and deepen your daily practice.

A kind of "Yoga Day Spa," the Workshop will move through a variety of modes, including periods of open discussion, breathwork, chanting, guided meditation, and sequences of yoga postures. We will discuss the manifestation process, affirmation practice, and how affirmations are composed. Opportunity will be provided for you to create an affirmation of your own, and to use it in addition to those included in the workshop. Our meditation has short periods of silence, but most of it is guided or includes call and response vocal parts. We will emphasize deepening the breath, and moment by moment awareness of the body and mental activity.